Sakamoto Days Chapter 122 Release Date, Spoiler & More?

Anime and manga have always been a refuge for those seeking a unique blend of drama, action, and artistry, giving rise to a multitude of captivating series that have amassed a global following.

Among these standout titles, Sakamoto Days penned by Yuuto Suzuki has carved a special place in the hearts of manga lovers with its enthralling narrative and compelling characters. In this article, we delve into the vibrant world of Sakamoto Days, its popularity, the highly anticipated Chapter 122, and the storyline leading up to this point, providing anime aficionados a comprehensive outlook on this action-comedy gem.

Quick Start:

  • No Of Chapter : 121
  • Release Date : June 12, 2023
  • Language : Japanese
  • Genre : Action, comedy
  • Where to Read : Viz Media & Manga Plus
  • Rating : 8/10 in IMDb

Embracing the Action-Packed Journey of Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days took the manga world by storm when it premiered in November 2020. Its unconventional plot revolving around Tarou Sakamoto, a once-famed assassin turned humble shopkeeper, drew readers in droves, resonating with those seeking action and humor in equal measure. Suzuki’s adept storytelling paired with dynamic illustrations created a vivid universe that effortlessly hooked its audience, catapulting Sakamoto Days to an enviable 8/10 rating on IMDb.

Anxiously Anticipating: The Release Date for Sakamoto Days Chapter 122

The manga continues to intrigue its readers with each passing chapter, with the eagerness for new releases hitting a fever pitch. Now, the wait for Sakamoto Days Chapter 122 is finally drawing to a close.

This much-awaited chapter is slated to arrive on June 12, 2023, promising to plunge its fans back into Sakamoto’s thrilling life. The exact release time varies with each region, so manga enthusiasts are advised to check their local listings to ensure they’re first in line to experience the latest adventures.

A Stellar Cast that Captivates

An integral part of Sakamoto Days’ charm is its colorful and well-rounded cast of characters. Led by Tarou Sakamoto, the overweight former assassin, the series presents a motley crew of engaging personalities, each bringing their unique flair to the narrative.

As we eagerly await Chapter 122, we anticipate seeing these familiar faces once again, potentially joined by new ones, adding more layers to this intricate tale. However, as of this moment, there is no official announcement regarding any cast changes for the upcoming chapter.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 122 Spoiler?

Every chapter of Sakamoto Days is a new journey, and Chapter 122 will be no different. While specifics of the plot remain under wraps, the narrative will undoubtedly continue to balance intense action scenes with heartfelt moments, characteristic of the series. Fans are eagerly speculating possible plot twists and turns, but they’ll have to wait until June 12 to see exactly what surprises Chapter 122 holds.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?


[DISC] SAKAMOTO DAYS – Chapter 121
by u/AutoShonenpon in manga

In Chapter 121 of Sakamoto Days, the plot thickened around Kindaka, who was kept alive in a coma by medical equipment. JAA – the organization that maintains public safety and order in the world of assassins – persuaded Nagumo to maintain Kindaka’s life support, believing that his survival was crucial to their mission.

Nagumo, a character previously shrouded in mystery, was revealed to be fundamentally good-hearted, always striving to do good for society despite his dark occupation. This insight into Nagumo’s character added a layer of complexity to the narrative, providing a poignant commentary on the often blurred lines between good and evil in Sakamoto Days.

Meanwhile, Yotsumaro’s investigation led to a shocking revelation: Akao was still alive. This twist sent ripples throughout the story, not least because it was discovered that Akao herself had placed a one-billion-yen bounty on Sakamoto. The reasons behind this bounty remain unclear, setting up intriguing potential plotlines for future chapters.

Chapter 121 concluded with the emergence of a new threat. Slur and his organization, standing against the order that JAA represents, prepared to confront them head-on. This escalation promised an intense face-off in the coming chapters, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

Overall, Chapter 121 of Sakamoto Days managed to simultaneously ramp up the suspense and deepen our understanding of its characters, leaving readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what’s to come in Chapter 122.

An Insightful Review of the Show

Sakamoto Days isn’t just a manga series—it’s a rollercoaster ride filled with laughter, suspense, and pure exhilaration. The beauty of the series lies in its clever blend of contrasting elements—action and comedy, danger and domesticity, past and present. The plot is always surprising, the characters consistently engaging, and the humor wonderfully woven into the narrative. This creative masterpiece truly deserves its stellar 8/10 IMDb rating.

Where to Watch or Read?

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of Sakamoto Days Chapter 122 can access the chapter through the 28th Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, available on official platforms like Viz Media and Manga Plus. Readers can enjoy the chapter without any premium along with the English translations till three weeks from the release date.


Sakamoto Days is more than just a manga—it’s a narrative triumph that redefines the boundaries of action-comedy. With the release of Chapter 122 on the horizon, fans around the world are on tenterhooks, eager to dive back into Sakamoto’s intriguing world. While waiting, there’s nothing better than re-reading previous chapters to re-experience the exhilarating journey leading to this point

. As we count down to June 12, 2023, there’s only one certainty: Sakamoto Days continues to be an unstoppable force in the manga world.

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