Herbuś and Wendzikowska sharply pointed to Wellman.  “Eat Snickers”

Dorota Wellman He is a well-known Polish journalist and presenter of the morning program “Dzie dobry TVN” with Marcin Prokop. The journalist was famous for her sharp tongue and straightforwardness, thanks to which she gained a group of loyal fans over the years.

Recently In his column on “Wysokie Obcasy” The presenter criticized stars, celebrities and influencers who show too much privacy on their social media. Dorota Wellman Also referred directly to Edita HerboDescribing the situation that occurred a few weeks ago:

We recommend: Edita Herbow crying on Instagram. It’s about her grandmother

After the column was posted, Grid was in turmoil. Very quickly, the voice was picked up in social media, among others Agnieszka Hyży, Anna Dec, Anna Wendzikowska I Edita Herbo. The ladies did not hide their indignation, but the dancer expressed the greatest.

Herbuś and Wendzikowska reply to Dorota Wellman. Dorothy, all Snickers, stop starving.

Agnieszka Hyży was one of the few who agreed with Dorota Wellman and encouraged people to read her column. I spoke under the position of Grzegorz’s wife Hyżego Anna Wendzikowskawho was offended by the script of the “Dzień dobry TVN” host and wrote:

We recommend: Dorota Wellman vehemently about star posts on Instagram. You have, among other things Edyssey Herbo

Now she has spoken about it Edita Herbowhich are accurately described in the column. The dancer admitted:

Photo: Mieszko Piętka / AKPA

Edita Herbo

She added that she invites a journalist to plant trees together. In the end I wrote:

I think, Dorothy, you can do that! I can’t promise a bouquet of daffodils to welcome you because it’s out of season, but I’ll get you a gift from Snickers for sure! “ – She added.

in the hashtag Edita Herbo I wrote:

so far Dorota Wellman He did not mention these words publicly. We will keep you posted on developments.

Dorota Wellman criticizes Edita Herbo and other stars

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