Problems persist.  Orlin Visla without penetration

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Marcin Gorczyński

Everything was going in the right direction, but Orlin Wisla Bock was still without points in the Champions League. This time Montpellier was better (30:28).

Even with 10-15 minutes left, it looked like the Oilers would finally break through in the Champions League. Tomas Piroš scored a brilliant part (3/3 in short order), and Gerjo Fazekas and Miha Zarabek scored under pressure. Anyway, let the result speak for itself – Visla was 27:24 ahead and Montpellier was slowly advancing.

It all started badly with Abel Serdillo’s miss against Remy Desponnet. Valentin Porte reduced the losses, Michal Daszczyk was quickly stopped, Przemyslaw Krajewski cleared the crossbar and finally Ahmed Hesham El-Sayed Mohamed took advantage – leading Al-Masry to an equalizer 27:27.

Since then, with four minutes remaining in the game, Visla never made a field goal again. Two misses and a Sebastian Karlsson counter-attack was enough and the game was essentially over. Krajewski tried to bring Wisła back to life, but another mistake wasted the chance for two points.

Overall, the performance was better than before. The defense made life very difficult for leaders Montpellier, and the Oilers also performed well on offense (at least compared to the game against GOG). The goalkeeping situation was again an issue – Marcel Jastrzebski had 5 rebounds, and veteran Mirko Alilović had none of his 11 shots. Although Montpellier was not much better in this regard, Remy Desbonnet made interventions in crucial moments.
The runner-up with Celje closes the table without points. The place in the top 6 has not escaped yet, but the situation is becoming less cheerful. Now Wisła will compete with the Champions League winners from Magdeburg and Vesbury.

Montpellier HP – Orlin Visla Book 30:28 (14:15)

Orlene Visla Book: Alilović, Jastrzebski – Daszczyk 1, Zarabek 6, Lusin 4, Perukh 3, Serdiu 1, Sosnia, Fazekas 3, Krajewski 4, Tierney, Dawidzik, Mihic 6, Mendžija, Zitnikov.
Montpellier HP: Bolzinger, Disponet: Karlsson 5, Villeminot 4, Bilas 4, Hicham 9, Banic 1, Lenny, Konan, Monte dos Santos 2, Porte 2, Nasinovic 3.

Watch the video: #dziejesiewsportcie: Look closely. She stole the show downtown

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