March 31, 2023


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TVN24 journalist: "Mata made a career because he uses profanity"

TVN24 journalist: “Mata made a career because he uses profanity”

During the program “Tak jest” on TVN24, Andrzej Mrozowski tried to refer to Mata and did it, but in a very unfortunate way – he showed his ignorance and pettiness.

Guests of the episode devoted to cod dress are Jan Wróbel and Agnieszka Wiśniewska. The host of the program tried very hard to weave the nickname of the famous rapper into the discussion, in which he fell on the whole line.

There is an onus on the younger generation to act the way it ought to be, to constantly show yourself on the horizon. The sparrow said.

– Well, let’s see a certain Mata recently, it is fashionable, as if … perhaps she is called a rapper. Said Morozovsky. Wróbel immediately responded, explaining to the show host he was talking about. – He’s a rapper, a star, a talented guy. – number.

But he made a career because… he used profanity, right? – said Morozovsky.

The press release was met with an immediate reaction from the invited guest:

– No. He’s made a career because he’s a great rapper. And he made a great music video. And the vast majority of people who imitate mats in this world are not very talented, and they will never do anything great. He wouldn’t even do anything particularly right. Because that’s how the world is built. Explanation of the sparrow.

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