However, this is true regarding Camille Stosch's wife.  She confirmed that she had to give up sports

Camille Stochlike seven other Poles (in the end, after Jakub Wolny was removed from the team, six of our actors will perform on the Adam Malis hill) qualified for Sunday's competition. World Cup in Visła. “The first date with the new ski jump was tolerable. I had to foot the bill. As usual on a first date” – Sam He was summarizing his ordeal.

With my current jumping skills, nothing surprised me. Aside from the fact that although the jumps were late in Bischofshofen, they were very late here. However, this hill didn't change everything for me. The goal was to find your way around this new old object and find the right feeling

~ – He added.

Meanwhile, he also commented on the new helmet that Polish fans can now see him wearing. It turns out that this project is intended for competitions held in Wisła, Štěkirk and Zakopane. “It was my sponsor's idea. They wanted me to do it.” In these colors Participated in the Polish Championship. He explained that this is what happened.

This is not the first time this season that it has been raised “Eagle Tooth” helmet theme.. Earlier, specifically at the beginning of the season, alert fans noticed that Stotch wore a headgear similar to the one he had worn at Roca years earlier, in the 2000 junior competition. Some people wondered if he wanted, in this symbolic way, to complete the circle of his career and end it within few months.

There is no clear answer. One time I was talking about my husband's retirement from sports Ewa Bilan Stoch was asked. She then admitted that she and Kamel had a plan for life after the jump. They want to go to… a trip around the world. However, from year to year, dreams are postponed. But it will come true in the end. The situation is different if the jumper's wife has a certain talent, which is unlikely to be developed anymore.

Kamel Stoch revealed what he suffered during the competition in Innsbruck/BZN/BZN

Ewa Bilan Stoch had to give up her passion for sports. “Sometimes there is a longing”

Ewa Bilan Stoch She is an educator, photographer, gallerist, co-owner of a clothing company, director, founder and creator of Yves-Nyment Zakopane Sports Club. With his colleagues, he organizes sports camps for beginners in ski jumping. However, not everyone knows that Kamil Stoch's wife also knows sports from an active perspective. She was training judo herself. It was while studying at the Championship Sports School.

Unfortunately, his sporting dreams were ruined by health problems. Ewa Bilan Stoch suffered a knee injury. The condition was so serious and complicated that the woman had to undergo three surgeries. In an interview with Onet, she admitted that she misses sports. but Going back forever is not possible.

I can work out at home on the mat, but training in the gym is out of the question. I have dedicated many years to sports, so it is natural that I sometimes feel homesick. Sometimes I even dream that I am participating in competitions and still fighting. Unfortunately, these are just dreams

~ – She admitted.

He uses his energy differently, for example to help Ukraine. It has already been involved in delivering off-road vehicles to our eastern borders several times. Camille Stoch, despite initial concerns, He is proud of his wife's big heart and courage.

I am very proud of my wife's actions. He does beautiful things, because helping those in need is a truly beautiful thing. I hope everyone is brave enough and willing to support others when they have the opportunity. Of course I'm worried about her, but I trust her, and I'm also partly jealous that she can have such adventures,” he summed up in an interview with WP SportoweFakty.

Ewa Bilan Stotch, Kamel Stotch/Damian Klamka/East News

Kamil Stoč and his wife Ewa Bilan Stoč take a photo with the crystal ball for the 2017/18 season/Gore Makovic/France Press agency

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