June 5, 2023


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Scandal at the Australian Open. Security had to respond

Russian flags are not allowed in the stands at the Australian Open. However, fans from this country don’t care about these guidelines. Another scandal ensued. This time security responded.


The Russian flag during the Rublev-Team match

PAP/EPA/Lukas Coch/Pictured: The Russian flag during the Rublev-Team match

For the first time, the Russian flag appeared in the Australian Open during a meeting between Ukrainian Katrina Bindel and Russian Camila Rachimoa. The Ukrainian ambassador to Australia noticed this situation and protested. The tournament organizers in Melbourne announced that the situation would not happen again.

The flags of Russia and Belarus have been officially banned from the Melbourne Court Complex. According to the organizers, this decision came to prevent further scandals in the stands. Nothing could be more wrong, because already on Tuesday – the first day of the new regulations – a fan waved a Russian flag during the match.

It happened during the match between the Russian Andrei Rublev and the Austrian Dominic Thiem. The organizers – Tennis Australia – confirmed to the Guardian that such an incident had occurred, but the matter was quickly clarified.

“Security went to the fans, spoke to them and raised the flag. There was an incident on Monday and we immediately imposed a ban. We will continue to work with fans and players to ensure the best conditions for enjoying tennis.

She added that at first the fans were allowed to bring Russian or Belarusian flags, but they could not use them to cause unrest.

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