A hack regarding the new selector.  Kulesza chose the Polish national team

Looking for a new soccer coach polishing It has been going on since late December when this was reported PZPN It will not extend the contract with Chislau Mechniewicz. From that moment on, the media started listing the names of the coaches who could take charge of the team.

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“Everyone looks and says, ‘Oh my God, how brutal is this.

Krychowiak winked at one of the candidates for the selector

“When it comes to foreign coaches, President Koleza has already held talks with – it seems – three main candidates. Not ending in one-on-one meetings, Koleza has spoken with them several times. Instead of clear votes, we whisper that in fighting Vladimir Petkovich has high ratings for the position of coach. The 59-year-old Bosniak was expected to make a good impression at the first meeting. Gain knowledge, detail and enthusiasm. He was open to the prospects and the business model that the president proposed.” Kacper Sosnowski reports Sport.pl.

Kulesza already knows who the new coach will be

There are many indications that the name of the new selector will be announced soon. The selector selection process is coming to an end. Cesare Colizza W An interview with the René Moawad Foundation Announce that the coach has already been selected. – You can say that I already know who it will be, but the decision remains on the other side. It is known that this can go on for several days and I am just waiting for an answer from the other side. The boss said I’m waiting for approval. He added that he is a foreign coach.

– The most important criterion was definitely whether he had ever run one the actingBecause it is very important. Managing a national team and a club team are really two different ways, but today I can say that this candidate has already been selected and we are waiting for confirmation from the other side – said the PZPN president.

Coaches Hervé Renard and Czesław Miczniewicz during the Poland-Saudi Arabia match at the World Cup in Qatar.  Al Rayyan. November 26, 2022Media: PZPN received a response from the candidate for the selector. “number”

Although there is no deadline for the selection of the Polish coach, according to Koleza, we should know the name next week at the latest. Piaou Zeroni will play their first match this year (EL 2024) against the Czech Republic on March 24th.

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