How to watch MUX National Media Television digital terrestrial TV

From March 5 National television media It is broadcast on three local stations:
– MUX-L1 (channel 27-522 MHz) in Wroclaw and Svednica,
– MUX-L3 (channel 36 – 594 MHz) by Czczynstochowa and Tomaszow Mazowiecki,
– MUX-L4 (channel 38 – 610 MHz) in Jelenia Jura.

The operator of all these complexes is the MWE Group, owned by Michal Winicki. At the beginning of January this year. After the end of the contract, TV Okazgi disappeared.

National TV Media: How to Watch on TV and Online

Recently, Telewizja Media Narodowe appeared briefly on the Vectra show – where her shows were shown on the channel. – We do not evaluate the legality of introducing TVMN on the schedule. Due to violating the terms of our contract, we have decided to terminate it. The decision means that the channel is no longer available to our subscribers as of March 1 of this year. – Vectra press office told

The head of Telewizja Media Narodowe, Piotr Barełkowski, was furious with this decision. – This is a violation of the law and a scandal! As a law-abiding Polish citizen, I can comment on this situation in one way. “I believe that justice and good business customs in Poland will prevail,” he told us.

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TVMN has been broadcasting since last spring. The channel's creator and first president was Robert Piekiewicz, a longtime president of the Independence March Society, who had recently left the position of station president.

Media National Television can be watched on select cable networks, via the website and in smartphone apps (Android, iOS) and smart TV (Google TV, Android TV, WebOS, AppGallery).

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