Vince McMahon will never return to the company

At the end of January 2024, we learned that Vince McMahon was making the decision to leave WWE and the TKO Group's Board of Directors following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Vince McMahon denied the allegations, but decided to leave the board pending an investigation. Team TKO cut ties with Vince McMahon and insisted they don't know what the future holds for him based on his actions. Despite his departure, Vince retained his stake in the company.

On March 4, 2024, Vince McMahon sold 5,350,000 shares of TKO Group. Vince has an estimated net worth of $411.95 million. Following the sale, the former WWE boss still owns 8.3% of TKO Group.

Mark Shapiro, president of TKO Group, said during the recent Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference. It is unknown what Vince's plan is with the remaining stock, and Vince will never return to the company :

“We did not participate in Vince McMahon's recent stock sale. This is now his second time. From 28 million shares to 15 million shares. He now holds about 8.5%. We did not converse with him. We don't talk to him, he doesn't consult us about his motivations, plan, schedule, if any. He does not work for the company. He does not work for the company. He does not come to offices. He will not return to the company.

A no-nonsense statement confirming that Vince McMahon is no longer associated with Team TKO and WWE.

Photo credit: IMAGO / MediaPunch

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