February 3, 2023


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WhatsApp Problems - Notifications in Downdetector

WhatsApp is not working. There are connection problems (update)

WhatsApp is having issues handling voice calls. Within twelve minutes or so, several hundred failure reports were sent to the network. The issue appears to be affecting users from at least some major cities in the country.

The WhatsApp It’s not working properly – it’s caused by many reports coming to the site bottom detector. The vast majority of users indicate that the problem is with voice calls. On the other hand, about a quarter also reported problems receiving and sending messages.

The WhatsApp crash started around 7:00 PM and escalated around 7:30 PM. The vast majority of requests came from the regions neighboring Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw and Pozna. Individual signals also come from other cities. While this is only guesswork at this point, it can be assumed that the problem may be ISP dependent.

WhatsApp Problems - Notifications in Downdetector
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WhatsApp Problems – Notifications in Downdetector

At the moment, there are no such indications, but in the past, the failure of WhatsApp or another messenger from the family of those who belong to Meta (also talking about Messenger or Instagram) caused problems with other services in the near future. future. Therefore, we would not be surprised if similar signals regarding Facebook Messenger or Instagram appear on the network in the near future, but this is not necessary.

We will be monitoring WhatsApp issues in the meantime and will update this post on a regular basis.

Update, hours. 20:30

Oskar Ziumek, editor in charge of dobreprogramy.pl