Crude oil has become more expensive in global markets.  What about fuel prices?

Oil prices track wholesale fuel prices at local refineries. Within three weeks, the price of 95 octane gasoline rose from PLN 5,000 to PLN 5,312 per 1,000 litres, i.e. by more than 6%. In recent days, the prices of this fuel in refinery price lists have risen by several zlotys per day. As a result, according to data from the portal, since mid-March, the retail price of EU95 gasoline has risen by almost 20 grams per liter, and only in the last few days its nationwide average price has risen by 5 groz. On Wednesday, the nationwide average reached PLN 6.56 per litre.

Since mid-March, the wholesale price of diesel oil has risen from PLN 5,160 to PLN 5,305 per 1,000 litres, i.e. by almost 4%. At the end of March and beginning of April, diesel prices in refinery price lists increased by PLN 20-60 per day, but there were also days when the wholesale price decreased. As a result, according to data from the portal, The price of diesel fuel at gas stations has not changed over the past three weeks On average it is PLN 6.69 per litre.

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