February 4, 2023


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How are glaciers melting in Antarctica?  New NASA notes

How are glaciers melting in Antarctica? New NASA notes

ice shelf It’s actually massive ice sheets drifting off the ocean’s surface. Somehow “runs away” from the main Antarctic ice capwith the so-called snow glueA mixture of snow and ice with bonding properties.

This is its melting snow glue It was observed by NASA scientists. Fractures and fissures were discovered where glacier fragments were attached to each other. According to the researchers, this phenomenon can be the cause of, among other things, a separation Larsen Glacier C. in the winter of 2017.

ice shelf They play a very important role in controlling the level of ocean waters. They are a natural blockage of Antarctic ice capthat are constantly growing and flowing towards the oceans.

cracking ice shelf This will cause the oceans to contain more icebergs, and these mountains will naturally melt due to natural causes, causing water levels to rise worldwide.

Gaps appear in Lodowcu Larsen The ice glue was melted by contact with ocean water from below. Discovering that this process was happening in a completely different way helped scientists NASA We understand why many Antarctic ice shelves disintegrated decades before the water on their surface melted.

Monitoring results NASA It turns out that Antarctica may be more at risk of global warming than we previously thought.

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