University of Warsaw and scandal.  Reaction of the university president, comments of employees

Dr. Sweren Dmowski An employee in the Department of Political History at Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw Member of the Senate of the University of Warsaw.

On Wednesday, he shared information about what is unacceptable on the X website Department authorities ignore complaints On another of his employees. The situation was described in detail by the Wirtualna Polska website, revealing the name of the academic who allegedly behaved in an unacceptable manner towards Dmowski.

“Five and a half years ago, I first informed the dean of my college in writing, Father Inappropriate behavior towards me by one of my employeesWhich, in my opinion, bore signs of attack. “To this day I have not received any written response on this matter,” the academic said in a lengthy post on social media.

Scandal at the University of Warsaw. Complaint to the authorities and the matter before the committee

Seweryn Dmowski had to repeat his complaints about the mobbing in writing to the authorities of the new dean of the college Three years ago. Then too She received no written response.

Meanwhile, the research officer he referred to in December 2023 remained Application for promotion to professorAbout the University of Wisconsin's faculty members – including Dmowski. “Information about the unsolved charges against her It was hidden from the Rector's Committee and the Senate of the University of Warsaw“- explains the academic who Three months ago I decided to send a letter of complaint again, this time directly to the Rector of the University of Warsaw, Professor Al-Jazy Z. Nowak.

As he explained in an article for WP, the college dean had previously assured him that the case had been referred to headquarters. However, the rector“He knew nothing about the case.”Just like the committee that considers candidates for promotion at the university. After the intervention of Dmowski, the representative of the university president He referred the matter to the committee To address harassment.

“More than five years after my first complaint, it has finally been addressed “official operation” – WNPiSM UW employee writes on X. However, he adds, he still does not know who is responsible for the “long-standing and systemic system.” Attempts to sweep away accusations“Under the rug.

Quarrel at the University of Warsaw. The employee denies these accusations

Dr. Dmowski also stated that he had also heard about other similar cases at the university. “If any of my colleagues at the University are affected by a similar problem of ignoring or even covering up activities that constitute a mob, please contact me,” a University employee said, adding that, as a member of the University of Wisconsin Senate, I declared my support and assistance in making the complaint “official.” “.

In an interview with the portal, the academic teacher claimed that the academic used harsh words “Using unacceptable forms of communication” She criticized the lesson plans and room assignments he prepared, among other things. To the lectures of the late professor. SizeWatch Weiss.

Accused of harassment He strongly denies this He claims Dmowski, who has received numerous awards for his work at the college, could face accusations of harassment and was an “incompetent representative of the dean.” In a letter to the article's authors, she stated that she had never attacked any UW employee, and there were no documents to confirm this.

The case will be resolved in the coming weeks The University Committee will decide.

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