The world record for the speed of the Internet via cable.  Bypassing one petabyte

For the first time in history, it was possible to achieve data transmission over 1 petabyte per second in a multicore fiber with a standard diameter of 0.125 mm. This is a great achievement that will make fiber optic internet faster.

It is difficult to imagine today’s world without the Internet, because more and more can be done online. The realization of 10Gbps internet connections is nearing, but petabit data transmission has now been demonstrated successfully. A team of scientists from the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) led by Benjamin J. Puttnam has built a transmission system based on WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) technology. It enables a standard light throughput of more than 20 terahertz.

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In 2020, scientists from NICT demonstrated petabit data transmission using 15 modes in a single core. For such an Internet to work, it was necessary to process the signal in MIMO mode. This requires a huge amount of time and money, because the data must be decrypted by specialized equipment.

The alternative is to transmit data in a single mode as long as there are multiple cores in the fiber. As a result, many transmission paths are obtained that carry millions of data bits inside – such technology is much easier to bring to the market.

Now, NICT scientists have used WDM technology, in which signals of different lengths are sent through the same medium. This, in turn, allows for the simultaneous transmission of larger data packets over the same cable. The technology has already been used commercially several times, but not on a large scale.

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The entire system transmitted data at a speed of 1.02 petabits per second over a distance of 51 km. This is a new world record.

The achievement has only technological advantages at the moment and there is no possibility to use it in our homes. However, new technology may improve the optical fibers used in our homes, which operate at much lower speeds.

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