Sandra Kubica and Barron: Relationship

Sandra Kubica talked about the beginnings of her acquaintance baron. The couple met 4 years ago at an industry event. Later, they met up for a drink in the company of friends. However, the model was not ready for any kind of relationship at the time, as she was still struggling with her ex-partner. She admitted that contact with them returned only this year. It all started innocently, writing on Instagram and engaging in interests like painting on canvas or assembling a puzzle.

Kubica referred to the “courtship scandal”! Were you supposed to plan them?!

During the interview, she was asked if she was bothered by the prevailing opinion that the baron was a womanizer. She replied very firmly, “That’s the most I’ve ever heard of him. He’ll hurt your heart. Didn’t you think of me? Don’t you worry about him? Wouldn’t I break his heart?” She added that at some point in his life every old woman would find her other half.

There was also the topic of participation and the future. However, Kubicka quickly clarifies that she has already been engaged twice and is not thinking about it now.

The couple has been together for several months. “Of all my relationships, this is the quietest I’ve ever had. When I tell everyone we don’t argue, I hear ‘Oh, that’s not good.'” “Each other quietly” – she admitted to us.

Kubica She has stated in previous interviews that she would like to become a mother. She has not changed her mind and still wants to, and what’s more, it turns out that the Baron is also thinking of the baby! However, the couple feel that this is not the time and put these plans off until later.

You can watch the full video interview below:


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