Sumliński made a movie about Jedwabne.  Did he mention a taboo topic?

July 10 is the 80th anniversary The massacre of the Jewish population in Jeddouben. It’s a story that still evokes great feelings. Previous reports mentioned a massacre of about 1,000 people. After the bodies were exhumed in 2001, the Institute of Remembrance put the number of victims at at least 340.

Some historians believe that the exhumation work at Jdwabni should continue. The business began in 2001, but after appeals from the Jewish community – it was discontinued. The investigation into the Jedwabni crime was initiated by the Institute for National Remembrance on September 5, 2000. The proceedings concluded as follows: “As for the participation of Polish civilians in the crime, it should be assumed that this was a decisive role in the implementation of the criminal plan (…). It is justified that We attribute to Germany, in the opinion of criminal law, the commission of the broad sense of this crime. The perpetrators, as the perpetrators of the crime in the strict sense of the word, were the Polish population of Gedwabny and the surrounding area – men numbering at least 40″.

Youtube Censorship

The topic of crime in Jedwabne was taken up by investigative journalist Wojciech Sumliński, who recently published the popular film Return to Jedwabne. However, YouTube quickly stepped in by deleting the inappropriate material.

“After 15 minutes of the House press conference — about censorship, writers, and the movie “Return to Jeddawabni” — YouTube has removed our account and all copies (including those placed on private accounts) from the movie!” – Sumliński wrote on Twitter.

YouTube’s press office informed in a statement sent to the virtual media portal that the censorship was due to anti-Semitism. “We have clear community guidelines and strict rules that prohibit hate speech. We have closed down any channel that repeatedly or grossly violates this policy. After careful examination of the content that has been reported to us, we have found more videos on this channel that violate our hate speech policy. “Contain allegations that certain groups of people are evil, immoral, or sneaky based on characteristics such as nationality, religion, and race. As a result, the channel was closed” – it was reported.

Sumliński refutes these claims. The journalist points out that we are dealing with mass censorship, and the accounts of Media Narodowe and wreal24 who published the film in question have also been blocked.


25 years of journalistic work, including “wars” waged against the greatest players of the Polish political scene (Video Tusk or Komorowski). I have never been a victim of such extreme actions as in the case of On the topic of Polish-Jewish relations– The journalist wrote on Twitter.

Sumliński asserts that allegations of anti-Semitism refer to parts of the film where the words of … the Jews themselves were quoted.

The “alleged anti-Semitism in Return to Jedwabni” consists mainly of those parts in which we cite the Jews themselves (including, inter alia, the diaries of Adam Cherniakow, the head of the Jewish community, who boasted of receiving a chauffeured car from the Warsaw SS in 1939 /1940) ”- wrote on Twitter.

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