The best films of 2023, according to the editorial staff of Film Web
How does time pass so quickly. Six months of 2023 is already behind us. Did Polish distributors and streaming platforms spoil viewers with an interesting show? We decided to check it out. Here is a list of the best films that premiered in Poland from January to June.

Unlike the traditional annual digest, the list below is not based on individual lists of the year’s best films by members of Filmweb’s editorial board. For the purposes of this list, we’ve chosen a much simpler method. Place in the list was determined by the simple arithmetic mean of the rows. The list includes only those titles that have at least two ratings and the average is over 6.51.

What is included in the ranking of the best premieres in Poland in the first half of 2023?

The first half of the year in Poland was marked by catch-up. This is why a lot of the world premiere movies in 2022 have gone to cinemas and platforms. For this reason, in our list you will find titles such as “Close”And “tar” whether “Ghosts of Enchirin”.

Our hearts were conquered not only by artistic titles, but also by high-budget shows. Thus, there is a place for Polish in the list “bread and salt” and Marvel production Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.

The vast majority of the films on our list are theatrical releases. We also appreciated some titles that didn’t make it to the big screens with uslike cartoon “nemona” and slasher “Pearl”.

The top 20 movies – so far – of 2023 can be found below. I wonder how many of them will be back in the yearly chart?

What are your favorite films in the first half of the year? Feel free to share the titles in the comments.

Top 20 films in Poland from January to June 2023

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