Higher pensions go to more seniors.  How to check if ZUS has calculated the indexing correctly

It rises today, Tuesday, March 5, and tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6 pensions With indexing, they will go to subsequent collections of seniors – ZUS will transfer them to their accounts as usual or send them by mail. In addition, he will do so on Friday, March 8 – he will send the money to pensioners, to whom he usually gives it on the 10th of the month. But since it is a Sunday in March, and according to the approved rules, it will be delivered to the beneficiaries earlier, on Friday, March 8.

Indexed pensions are on their way: March 1, 5 and 6, 2024

The next shipping days are March 15, 20, and 25. After that, all retirees should have their pensions paid at the new indexed amount

As for benchmarking, that is, increasing the monetary value of the benefit in order to keep its real value unchanged, it is carried out by the Social Insurance Institution every year. Sebastian Szczurek, regional press spokesman for ZUS in Opole County, explains what this process entails.

trial Depends onMultiply the benefit amount by the amount due at the end of February of a given year by the benchmark index. The amount of the benchmark index is based on the average annual inflation of the households of retirees and pensioners for the previous year and increased by at least 20 percent of the real increase in the average salary.

According to the announcement of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy of February 12, 2024 on the pension and pension indexation index for 2024, the value of the index in 2024 is 112.12%.

The decision to index the account will reach retirees only at the end of April: why

Most retirees already know this, but it doesn't hurt to remind them: indexing is done automatically. There is no need to submit any applications, and every pensioner and disability pensioner who was entitled to receive benefits on February 29 will receive a decision on the new amount of their benefits.

However, the decisions will only be sent from April, as ZUS wants to save on shipping costs, so it sends the indexation decision and the decision to grant an additional benefit in the year, popularly known as the thirteenth pension, on one date and in one envelope. ZUS only gives this benefit in April.

Sebastian Szczurek advises to be patient and wait for the documents.

Another solution is to take advantage of digital opportunities. All those who have Access to the ZUS electronic services platform (Those who do not have an account can easily create an account on the ZUS website) and can check the information regarding the indexation amount in advance – even before receiving the decision.

Decision on indexation: how to check the accuracy of the calculated gross and net amounts

As Sebastian Szczorek explains in the decision regarding the amount pensions After indexation, the amount of the total pension is determined as of the last day of February of a given year, followed by the benchmarking index and the total pension calculated after indexation.

If the pensioner receives care allowance, there is also information about the amount of this allowance.
Many people report to ZUS claiming that they did not receive the allowance. Misunderstanding results from beneficiaries comparing the amount paid with the total amounts specified in the benchmarking decision. At the same time, they get the net amount – The income tax advance and health insurance contribution are deducted from the pension and annuity.
Of course, this does not apply to pensions exempt from PIT – less than PLN 2,500, the annual total of which does not exceed the tax-free amount of PLN 30,000. But health insurance contributions are also deducted from them.
All this information will be found by beneficiaries in the indexing decision. It is worth analyzing it carefully.

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