How to Receive TVP 1 TVP2 TVP Info TVN Polsat TV Puls New MUX-3 Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting System

The transition to DVB-T2 / HEVC was ongoing in Poland from the end of March to the end of June. They include: MUX-1 (TVP ABC, Eska TV, Polo TV, Stopklatka, Antena HD, TV Trwam, Fokus TV), MUX-2 (TVN, TVN7, Polsat, Super Polsat, TV4, TV6, TV Puls, Puls 2 ) and MUX-4 (Events24). In the old standard, however, MUX-3 (TVP1 HD, TVP2 HD, TVP Info HD, TVP Sport HD, TVP3, TVP Historia), MUX-8 (TVP Kultura HD, TVP Woman, Metro, Zoom TV, Nowa TV, WP and a copy of TVP ABC) and most local multiplexes.

TVP demo multiplayer (TVP3 Warszawa HD, TVP Polonia HD, TVP Dokument HD, TVP Kultura HD, TVP Entertainment HD and most recently TVP1 HD, TVP2 HD and TVP Info HD) is broadcast on the new standard. After switching to DVB-T2 / HEVC, all MUX-1, MUX-2 and MUX-4 channels are broadcast in high definition (HD).

How can I regain access to TVN, Polsat and TV Trwam?

At the end of July, the National Media Institute estimated that 1.1 million households using only terrestrial television had tuners or TVs that weren’t compatible with DVB-T2/HEVC. So residents can continue to watch TVP1, TVP Info, Nowa TV and Metro, and have lost access to TVN, Polsat or TV Trwam. A simple channel search won’t help here. They have to go to the store and buy a tuner or TV that supports the new standard.

You can use government support in the amount of PLN 100 for a set-top box or PLN 250 for a TV. This is possible through the staff of Poczta Polska or the government website. If someone is afraid that it will turn out that he does not pay the subscription for radio and television, he can invest in the equipment himself. DVB-T2 / HEVC tuners can be purchased for PLN 80 and TV sets for several hundred PLN. The set-top box will only allow you to receive TV channels, the TV also offers the possibility to use HbbTV. Thanks to Hybrid TV, you can enjoy video on demand (VOD) content provided by TVP and Polsat (TVP GO and Polsat GO). You need to connect the TV to the Internet. The public broadcaster in its application provides a TV catch-up function (the ability to mirror programs broadcast on its antennas for up to a week). Most TVs also have operating systems like Android TV/Google TV, Tizen, and WebOS, where you can use apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Max, Disney+, Polsat Box Go, Viaplay and Player without contracts Long Term (You can cancel the subscription any month).

It is also worth assessing whether we really need a digital terrestrial TV and whether it is better to choose a cheap pay-TV operator package. Then we’ll get the set-top box from the pay-TV operator, and we don’t have to replace the TV. In the Vectra cable network, subscribers using the Internet offer can purchase a package for tens of zlotys with all terrestrial channels and many unavailable ground stations. Polsat box as part of the ground MUX-4 (Polsat Sport, Polsat Sport Extra, Eleven Sports 1, Eleven Sports 2, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Polsat News, TVN24, TVN Turbo, TVN Style) offers a package of paid channels for PLN 30 per month. Plus mobile network customers can use it for as little as 20 PLN per month. The cheapest Canal + satellite package costs PLN 15 per month. It includes, among others, the main stations of broadcasters, including Canal + Family.

Changing the standard is not the only source of problems

Sometimes the viewer has a DVB-T2 / HEVC compatible device, and it still has problems with reception. The change of the standard was accompanied by the change of the network of transmitters. For example, in ód, reception from indoor antennas is difficult, because Emitel changed the broadcast facility. Sometimes – most often in the case of the MUX-3 due to the additional transmitters – the signal is too strong. Then it is necessary to replace the antenna mount. He is aware of the problems TVP, which launched additional TVP1, TVP2 and TVP Info programs, that is, stations available in MUX-3 on trial multiplexing in DVB-T2 / HEVC. If we are too close to the transmitter and have problems with reception, it is worth pointing the antenna in such a way that it does not point directly at the transmitter. On the Internet, you can easily check the list of channels that are broadcast in DVB-T and DVB-T2 / HEVC in the vicinity. You can also use the app for mobile phones (DVB-T Finder).

Although room antennas are convenient, they often do not guarantee the same good reception as outdoor antennas (even with an amplifier). It works well if there is a short distance from the transmitter. If you want to watch all the ground stations available in our area without interruption, it is worth investing in an outdoor antenna system. You can buy it at popular electronics stores or ask a professional to buy it and install it. They do, among other things, companies that install satellite dishes throughout Poland. If someone installs the antenna themselves, it is better to point it towards the transmitter. Usually, the higher the antenna, the better. The tuners in new TVs are often more “sensitive” than on external devices. If, despite using a high-quality antenna, we still have problems with reception, it is worth checking whether the installation is correct. The antenna cable must be connected to the appropriate point on the TV or tuner.

There are more than 30 stations almost all over the country

You can watch well-known channels of MUX-1, MUX-2, MUX-3 and MUX-8 all over the country. These are 27 stations and versions of TVP ABC, which are part of both MUX-1 (DVB-T2 / HEVC) and MUX-8 (DVB-T). TVP trial multiplexing in the new standard is up to 90 percent. Poland region. That’s a total of 31 stations and 4 pairs (TVP1, TVP2, TVP Info, TVP ABC). 70 percent of Poles can use the MUX-4 offer. This is one free channel, i.e. Events24. Thus, 32 unique ground stations reach a large part of Poland.

More stations can be viewed by residents of the regions of Poland, which are accessed by regional and pilot multiplexes. It can be captured, among others, Jelenia Gora, Rybnik, Shestochova, Radomsko, Tomazov Mazowiecki, Uednica, Wroclaw, Gogov, Legnica, Lubin and Katowice. For example, thanks to the MUX-L3 in Częstochowa, you can also watch doubles from Antena HD, TV Puls and Puls 2, as well as Filmax, Junior Music, Nuta Gold, Nuta TV, Power TV, Red Carpet, Stars.TV and TV Okazje and TVC and Xtreme TV. These are 10 additional non-duplicate stations. Thus, 42 of them operate near Jasna Jura. To obtain permission from the UKE MUX MWE is waiting in Katowice and Szczecin (Filmax, Junior Music, Nuta Gold, Nuta.TV, Power TV, Stars.TV, XtremeTV). Thanks to the multiplex test TVS in the capital of Silesia (TVS, TV Republika, TV Okazje, Polsat, Radio Silesia), MUX-L2 from Rybnik (TVT, Stars.TV, TVN, TVN7, Eska TV Extra, TV Okazje) in it will be possible Watch nearly 45 non-duplicate stations in Katowice.

Up to 100 stations in select locations

Borderlands residents are in a better position. Although it is difficult for residents of central Poland to imagine, approximately 100 ground stations can be picked up at specific locations. The residents of Dolnośląskie and Lubuskie counties are in the best condition. For example, ar, where the German and Czech multiples arrive, as well as the MUX-L1 from Jelenia Góra (Echo24, Filmax, Home TV, Stars.TV, TVC, TV Dami / TV Bolesławiex, TV Okazje, Xtreme TV, Junior Music, Nuta Gold, Nuta.TV). There are 45 Polish stations alone here.

Almost 20 German channels can be caught here (Das Erste HD, MDR Sachsen HD, MDR S-Anhalt HD, MDR Thüringen HD, NDR FS. NDS HD / MDR-SA HD, RBB Brandenburg HD, SWR BW HD / MDR-TH HD, tagesschau24 HD, 3sat HD, KiKA HD, ZDF HD. ZDFinfo HD, ZDF Neo HD, Arte HD, BR Fernsehen HD, HR fernsehen HD, One HD, Phoenix HD, WDR HD Köln), although some are regional mutations from regional stations. Trade channels are served within an encrypted multiplex of our western neighbors. Czech multiples include 40 additional TV and radio channels (CT 1 HD, CT2 HD, CT3 HD, CT24 HD, CT:D/art HD, CT Sport HD, CNN Prima News, Ocko, Ocko Star, Prima, Prima +1, Prima Cool , Prima Creamy, Prima Love, Prima Max, Prima Show, Prima Star, Prima Zoom, Retro Music TV, 1 + 1, Barandov Creami, Kino Barandoff, Nova, Nova Cinema, TV Barandoff, TV Nui, CRo 1, CRo Dvojka, CRo Jazz, CRo PLUS, CRo Pohoda, CRo Junior, CRo Wave, Cro Radiozurnal, CRo RZ Sport, Cesky Imupls, Radio Dechovka, Radio Impuls, Radio Proglas, Ukrajinske Radio). This does not mean that all stations are available from every installation and always. After the expansion of MUX-4 with the Event24 channel, the main channels of Czech television were disrupted in this region. So it is difficult to catch them.

polarizing switch

Most terrestrial digital TV channels from Poland are broadcast in H-Horizontal. However, most MUX-8 transmitters use vertical (V – vertical) polarization. Some receivers have trouble receiving it, as it requires a more extensive antenna installation. Transmitting equipment in Germany and Slovakia mostly uses vertical polarization, which can make reception difficult if someone is far from the transmitter. In addition, in Slovakia, some terrestrial channels are paid (including Eurosport, Eurosport 2, Discovery, Viasat Explore, Viasat History, Viasat Nature, Film +, VH1, Minimax, EroXXX). You can try to pick up stations from the local public broadcaster (Jednotka, Dvojka) near the border.

Podlasie residents can try to pick up the Belarusian MUX-1 signal from incl. Grodno. It consists of: Biełaruś 1, Białaru 2, Biełaruś 3, Biaaruś 5, ONT, Mir, STV, ONT, RTR Biełaruś, NTV Biełaruś. Lithuanian multiplexes can also be seen in northeastern Poland. They offer, among others LRT Televizija and LRT Plius. In July, TVP Vilnius, TVP Info, TVP Historia 2, TVP Polonia, TVP World and Biełsat TV went to the Lithuanian LUX-2. People living in the Podkarpacie and Lublin regions, in turn, may try to receive Ukrainian terrestrial channels. Their offer may be curtailed due to the invasion of Russia. Furthermore, Emitel and Polsat supported Ukaińców by providing them with transmitters that replaced those destroyed by the Russians. Residents of Lviv on websites boasted of receiving Polish multiplexes. Before the war, Ukrainian broadcasts were broadcast by, among others, Persus, Rada, Inter, Channel 5 and 1 + 1.

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