A “state within a state”: a fatal mistake by the police.  The court punished an innocent person

Victim of a fatal error or police incompetence? A young boy is in serious trouble with the law because a drunk man attacked officers… giving his details as his. Why has no one checked this? More on Sundays at 19:30 in the “State in the State” programme.

In December 2022, Mr. Philip received a letter from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. He was charged in the case of violating physical integrity and insulting police officers. The man claims that he never dealt with the police, the Public Prosecution or the court, that he was not arrested and that no intervention was made against him.

Look: they didn’t care about the cross on the road. They got a 20,000 PLN penalty

Suddenly a message arrives. The envelope contains information that an indictment has been filed against me: contempt of a public official and insult. – I was in shock, because I had never encountered such a situation, – says Philip Hallo, victim of a police error.

“The policeman couldn’t handle the tramp.”

Confused by the whole situation, he asked to see the files. From the documents, Mr. Filip learned that on November 12, 2022, in Kryspinów near Kraków, the police were called to a drunk man lying at a bus stop. During the intervention, the man was vulgar and slapped the intervening officer in the face, cursing at her and the other policeman. The detainee did not have a document confirming his identity with him, and when he was taken to the police station, he initially refused to provide his data, and then gave them only partially. He finally found out that his name was Philip Halo.

– This is the purpose of all training, so that a policeman can handle himself when he has to deal with a professional cheat. And here he was dealing with a tramp that he couldn’t handle, – says Marcin Tarashevsky, a former police officer.

Jihad to overturn the ruling

After he woke up, the man was charged with violating the officer’s physical integrity and insulting the officers. I confess. The prosecutor approved the charges and the indictment was sent to court. On January 5, 2023, a warrant was issued for his guilt. The court imposed a fine and community service. It’s just that no one at any point realized that the man on trial had given false statements. The verdict was passed against Mr. Philip, who was mistakenly involved in the situation.

Look: the machine crushed her hand. The court found that there were no guilty parties

– It turns out that this can happen, especially when someone is trying to be very crafty. Smarter than the police at the moment, no one denies that. Perhaps the status of police officers at the moment is too much – says Janusz Hnatko from the Krakow Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Once he realized what had happened, Philip Hallo went to the police station and reported the error. However, the police did not want to listen to him, and they claimed that all procedures were followed. However, during the course of the activities, it was possible to prove that there was indeed an error. Now the young man faces a battle to overturn a wrongful conviction. More at 19:30 in the “State in the State” programme.

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