Hey Wroclaw, this is ScreenX!  Enjoy the cinema experience again at Corona City Cinema
Comfortable new cinema seats, a ScreenX room with three screens, a room with Dolby Atmos technology, a completely renovated cinema – all this awaits the residents of Wrocław who will visit Cinema City Korona at 126c Bolesława Krzywoustego Street. Thanks to this investment, Wroclaw became the first city in Poland to have all our network technologies: 4DX, IMAX, VIP (can be found at Cinema City Wroclavia), Dolby Atmos and ScreenX. So how? Wrocaw, it’s scan time!
After an extensive renovation, Cinema City Korona is now practically unrecognizable. The cinema hall, where modern digital carriers appeared, and all the rooms were renovated, along with the replacement of cinema seats with more comfortable ones, slightly reclining, and two rooms turned into: ScreenX and Dolby Atmos. You will now be able to experience the magic of cinema even more here, and completely lose yourself in the story happening on the big screen.

Dolby Atmos is the perfect experience for those who put sound and sound effects first. Cinema City Korona is the third site of our network where viewers will be able to test this system out for themselves. Dolby Atmos is an object-based sound technology that allows us to hear more, thus getting more into the action of the movie.

ScreenX in Cinema City Korona is the second hall of its kind in Poland (the first was opened in 2019 in Warsaw), the first technology that uses not only the central screen, but also the side walls of the hall, thanks to which the image surrounds the viewer bypassing his field of view up to an angle of 270 degree. Side screens complement the plot of the film shown on the main screen. Image stretching occurs at key moments in the action, enhancing the effects of a particular scene. The time it takes for side screens can be up to half as long as a movie – it all depends on the production of the specific movie. ScreenX recreates the natural perception of a person who not only sees what is in front of him, but also sees the surrounding reality out of the corner of his eye. Thanks to a special algorithm, the image from several (up to 12) laser projectors is combined into one smooth transmission and displayed on the main screen and side screens. The wide screen gives you an impression of depth and allows you to lose yourself even more in the movie.

In April, the ScreenX room will show the movie “Dungeons & Dragons: A Thief’s Honor”, and from May 5, the third part of Marvel’s beloved “Guardians of the Galaxy”. You’ll have to pay an extra 9 PLN for the cinema experience in the ScreenX room at Cinema City Korona compared to a standard 2D movie ticket, but viewing on three screens is definitely worth it.

Tickets for all performances can be purchased online: www.cinema-city.pl/kina/korona or directly in the cinema. See you in the cinema chair!

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