March 20, 2023


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Opozda and Krlikowski had imaginations in choosing a name for their son, but Skrzynecka went a few steps further.

Opozda and Krlikowski had imaginations in choosing a name for their son, but Skrzynecka went a few steps further.

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In a recent post, Joanna Obozda revealed the name of her son. The actress and her husband made an unusual option, although it must be admitted that Vincent Krulikowski is still very modest, by the standards of Polish show business. Below you will find a subjective list of the most original names given to their children by famous parents.

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Robert Carrey trains with his son

Milan Karaj

Agnieszka Włodarczyk And Robert Carrey chose a name that evokes associations with a famous football club. The actress directly admitted that from the very beginning she wanted to name her son by his original name. Interestingly enough, other stars named their child the same way – Shakira and Gerrard Pique. Do Milan Karai’s parents count on the boy to be an outstanding footballer in the future?

Agnieszka Włodarczyk with her family Instagram – Agnieszka Włodarczyk

Bastian Fabijanski

option mafashion The Fabijański at one time sparked great controversy in Polish business. Netizens maliciously joked about the similarity between “Bastien” and “Sebastian”, noting that this name was sought for his paranoid son. We don’t know how it really was.

mafashionmafashion Foot. Instagram / maffashion_official

Mia Raduszewska

Apparently Natalia Siwick and Mariusz Raduszewski have been searching for a beautiful suitable name for a baby girl for a long time. Just before the dissolution of Fact, it was reported that Miss Euro 2012 would give birth to Helen soon, but the parents decided on a shorter and more exotic name. Mia Raduszewska is already five years old and willingly takes pictures next to her mother.

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Natalia Siwick with her daughter Mia RadoszewskaNatalia Siwick with her daughter Mia Radoszewska Photo:

Noah Borok

Sarah and Artur Boruc also decided not to broadcast child A common name in Poland. Two years ago, my parents welcomed Noah Borrock into the world. The older boy’s sisters can boast of beautiful, but very common names: Amelia and Olivia.

Sarah Boruc, Artur Boruc, Noah BorucSarah Boruc, Artur Boruc, Noah Boruc Instagram screen / mannei_is_her_name

Alikia Ila Łopucka

The daughter was given these unusual names by her parents Katarzina Skrzenica and Marcin Shubuki. Years later, the actress revealed the meaning of her ten-year-old’s name.

The name Alikia (Aliki from Greek) means crystalline, honest, noble – Skrzynecka admitted on Instagram.

Katarzyna Skrzynecka, daughter of Alikia Ilia.Katarzyna Skrzynecka, daughter of Alikia Ilia. WBF

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