Katarzyna Bujakiewicz about friendship with Anna Przybylska.  "You taught me a lot"

Anna Przybylska And the Katarzyna Bogakevich They were considered the most popular friends in the Polish show business. They supported each other, no matter if things were professional or private. Unfortunately, their friendship was interrupted due to the early death of the actress. Although seven years have passed since the tragedy, the artist has not forgotten her deceased friend. In her latest Instagram post, she shared what her friendship with Anna Przybylska had taught her and shared her feelings about the emerging film about the life and career of an ex-partner. Jaroslav Binyuk.

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Katarzyna Bujakiewicz reminds Anna Przybylska

Katarzyna Bujakiewicz spoke to the film directors about the career and life of Anna Przybylska.

“I told you about my adventure with Ania. Frędziary – that’s what we used to call ourselves (short for friends – editor). With Ania, life was easier and more beautiful. She taught me to be comfortable, to enjoy being here and now, to also enjoy the little things and to have the house smell like dinner.. Kilometers of joint walking along with tasting cakes were our daily life in Pozna … My memory is just part of a wonderful and beautiful story about Anya, which will be shown in cinemas all over Poland on October 7. Thanks to directors like Michał and Krystian, a touching story was created about Ania … Thank you for being in my life … ”- wrote Katarzyna Bujakiewicz on Instagram.

At the end of the post, the actress added a fragment of a song by Siluja Grzyszak, which was released shortly after the death of Anna Przybylska.

Photo: Paweł Wrzecion / MW Media

Katarzyna Bogakevich

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