Here is the new Fiat 126p with an electric version!  Seeing a little baby cheer up!  How do you like this modification?  02/22/2024

This is what a newborn looks like! This would really be an auto hit! New baby! Fiat 126p in the electric version! Everyone knows the “little” Fiat 126B, which has been produced in our country for 28 years. It is undoubtedly a legend of the local automobile industry, which – whenever it appears on the road – still brings back fond memories and great emotions! look at the pictures

Currently Fiat 126p They can only be seen in galleries and museums. Sometimes well-preserved individual pieces pass through towns, but they are just gems on the road.

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As it turns out, the new Fiat 126p could be revived and brought back in a modern version. Not so long ago, a new project of an urban electric car called Fiat 126 Vision was created! What do you look like? fire!

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Here is the new Fiat 126p with an electric version! Seeing a little boy act…

This is Vecchii's first all-electric project. Vision 126 is a project for an ultra-modern electric car. At first glance, you can see a strong resemblance to the Polish Fiat 126p.

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The newly designed car is larger, and the front is emphasized by square-shaped LED daytime running headlights. The Electric Vision 126 also has a cutout at the back. The successor to the Polish Fiat 126p has a fully opening rear hatch with a window, where the engine used to be located, and now there is luggage space.

The whole is completed by electric motor. It must be admitted that the new design looks impressive. However, no detailed information about the car has been revealed at the moment. It is also unknown whether it will go on sale or not. Polish consumers are sure to love the electric Vision 126. See the new Vision 126, the successor to the popular Fiat 126p – Click on Gallery

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It's happening in Poland and around the world – read on

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