Świątek's exciting competitor.  The Russian stated that this was not the first time

Anna Kalinskaja surprises in Dubai. The Russian reached the quarterfinals of the WTA tournamentI encountered Coco Gauff there. The American was the favorite in this match, but in practice, that is, on the field, the lowest-ranked player turned out to be the best. Kalinskaja.

The Russian tennis player, ranked 40th in the WTA rankings, won 2:1 (2:6, 6:4, 6:2) and advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament, where she will face Iga Svetek. This will be their first singles match, however Kalinskaja In the post-game conversation, she rightfully recalled having played before Against Iga, I healed you.

Kalinskaja before the first match against Światek. “We've played together before.”

At the beginning of her statement, the Russian expressed her great satisfaction with her performance, which allowed her to qualify for the semi-finals. The Russians have reasons for this – The player ranked third in the WTA rankings was expelled.

-I am very happy with my performance here. My goal was to win the match. I finally managed to do it. I'm happy to play so many matches in this wonderful place. Coco Jouf She's a great player, a great fighter. I felt nervous until the last minute. She admitted that it was very important for me to stay focused and calm Kalinskaja.

The interviewing journalist noted that she was now facing the first battle of her career I will heal you. That's right, in the single match the Russian and Polish teams will face each other for the first time. However, Kalinskaja mentioned this Their rivalry has first surfaced in the past.

In fact, we've played together before, in doubles. It was a long time ago. I'm very excited and looking forward to tomorrow's match. I've never played singles with her, so I'm looking forward to it

~Anna Kalinskaya answered

when Exactly Russian I Polka dance Stood on both sides of the court? The 1/8 finals of the doubles tournament took place in Prague on 1 May 2019. At that time, Iga Świątek played with Alicia Rosolska. Our citizens They lost to Anna Kalinskaja and Viktoria Hronkova 1:2.

After a tough win over Rybakina, Svetek wins his third consecutive Qatar Open title/Associated Press/© 2024 Associated Press

Anna Kalinskaya/AFP/Getty Images North America Matthew Stockman/MS/MS/France Press agency

Iga Świątek – the leader of the WTA rankings is fighting on the courts in Dubai/Naushad Thakayil/NoorPhoto/NoorPhoto via AFP/France Press agency

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