June 9, 2023


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Sonda Parker Solar Probe przekroczyła granicę korony słonecznej (fot. NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory via Getty Images; Bill Ingalls/NASA )

NASA’s space probe “touches” the sun. The Parker Solar Probe has entered the corona for the first time

NASA’s space probe has for the first time managed to cross the boundary of the solar corona, the Associated Press reported Wednesday, citing scientists from the US space agency. The outer region of the Sun’s atmosphere has reached the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft.

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Scientists made the news on Tuesday at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), where it was reported that probe NASA It was able to fly to its crown, which extends millions of kilometers from the sun, already in April, but it took several months to collect the data and later confirm it..

Parker Solar Probe Success

– It’s cool and exciting – said the person working on the project Nour Al-Rawafi from Johns Hopkins University.

Parker Solar Probe was launched in 2018 It penetrated the outer barrier of the sun’s atmosphere at a distance of 13 million kilometers from the center of the star, the Associated Press wrote.

According to the researchers, she was able to “immerse” in this area at least three times, each time without problems.

What happens behind the corona solar line?

“The corona looks more dusty than we thought,” Al-Rawafi said. According to the scientist, future solar adventures will allow us to better understand the origin of the solar wind.

The probe is to get even closer the sun Until 2025, when it reaches its correct orbit.

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