Heavy losses for the Russians.  The Ukrainian Armed Forces publishes the latest data

Heavy losses for the Russians. Latest data

The General Staff estimated the losses suffered by the Russians in terms of weapons and combat equipment. It lists, among other things:

  • 1,100 soldiers (311,750 since the beginning of the war)
  • 7 tanks (5,349)
  • 32 armored vehicles (10,073)
  • 32 artillery systems (7,559)
  • 2 missile launchers (MLRS) (881)
  • 1 anti-aircraft system (580)
  • 12 unmanned aerial vehicles (5,632)
  • 1 cruise missile (1,560)
  • 19 military vehicles (9,944)
  • 9 pieces of special equipment (1078)

Russia bombed Kherson on the anniversary of the city’s liberation

The Kherson Region Prosecutor’s Office stated on Telegram that Russian artillery bombed the city center on Saturday, on the first anniversary of the liberation of Kherson from Russian occupation by the Ukrainian army.

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