A series of mysterious explosions in the Russian waters of the Baltic Sea

Scientists say seismograph data rules out an earthquake. The first signs of seismic events were recorded on Thursday, with more recorded on Friday.

Researchers are unsure of the causes of eruptions – detected by a seismograph that records seismic waves – including those from eruptions, landslides, mining and roadworks.

The first seismic event was the strongest with a magnitude of 1.8. “If it was dynamite, it would have taken 50-100 kg of it,” seismologist Gary Kurstrom told Helsingen Sanomat newspaper, adding that it would “likely have been eruptions.”

They may also be caused by activities such as fairway dredging or sea exercises during which depth charges have been detonated.

The exact distance of seismic events from the Nord Stream gas pipeline has not been determined.

When information about the gas leak from the Nord Stream pipeline became available, it was Finnish researchers who recorded the seismic events there.

On September 26, seismographs recorded several powerful explosions at the site of the two Nord Stream gas pipelines. After the explosions, gas leaked to the surface from three places.

The leaks occurred at one site on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline southeast of Bornholm and at two sites on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline northeast of Bornholm.

Russia’s Gazprom halted gas supplies via NS 1 at the end of August, causing a jump in gas prices in Europe. Gazprom clarified that “it is necessary that maintenance work not be carried out due to the sanctions imposed on Russia.” However, the German government denies these translations.

“In the Berlin security circles, it was said that it could not be ruled out that the current potential attack was planned before the supply was stopped, since the time for carrying out such special operations could be long” – the German media reported.

As we wrote in Onet, a preliminary investigation confirms that Nord Stream 1 and 2 have sustained significant damage in the Danish exclusive economic zone.Caused by powerful explosions, the Danish police reported. The Swedish newspaper “Expressen” published last week pictures of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. According to the report, the penetration in the pipeline is at least 50 meters.

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