W 2016 roku generał Aleksandr Dwornikow został nagrodzony przez Putina za swój wkład w wojnie w Syrii. To tam zyskał przydomek „Rzeźnika Syrii”. Jest wskazywany jako ten, który wydał rozkaz zbombardowania Aleppo, a wcześniej Groznego w Czeczenii. Teraz – jak pisze AP – gen. Dwornikow został wyznaczony na dowódcę nowej fazy rosyjskiej wojny, koncentrującej się na wschodniej Ukrainie.

In 2016, General Alexander Dvornikov received an award from Putin for his contribution to the war in Syria. There he was given the title “Butcher of Syria”. He is referred to as the person who ordered the bombing of Aleppo, formerly Grozny, in Chechnya. Now, as the Associated Press writes, General Dvornikov is appointed commander of a new stage of the Russian war, focused on eastern Ukraine.

Alexander Dvornikov, 60, is one of the most experienced officers in the Russian army. He was also notorious for his brutality towards civilians.

He is the one who led the Russian forces in Syria in 2015-2016, at a time when Aleppo almost disappeared from the face of the earth as a result of the bombing. Since then he has been called the “Butcher of Syria”.. According to United Nations data, more than 350 thousand people were killed during the war in Syria, which lasted more than a decade.

Earlier, in the early years of the XXI century, he participated in the war in Chechnya – he was leading the Grozny bombing operation.

Now several sources – including US services – remember this General Dornnikov commands the entire military operation in Ukraine.

This news comes at a time when Russia is concentrating its forces in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, after its failed attempt to invade Kyiv.

We recommend: General Pasek on Radio RMF24 about Dwornikowo: Whatever terrible opinion he has – they call him a “butcher” since the time of the operation in Syria – he is certainly a man of combat experience, a fighter and a leader. Accordingly, it is also causing me to increase my anxiety about future actions.

Americans are warning Russia will continue its “scorched-earth tactics”Which involves the destruction of residential buildings and the entire infrastructure, with the inevitable suffering of the civilian population.

In turn, the British Ministry of Defense estimates that Dvornikov will centralize the command of military operations in Ukraine, because “the lack of coordination and poor planning, along with strong Ukrainian resistance, are the main causes of Russia’s failures.”

Americans warn of the brutality of General Dornnikov. US Presidential National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said he expects it The new commander of the Russian forces in Ukraine will organize more crimes against the Ukrainian civilian population.

And there are voices that the first signs of this are the events of Friday, when civilians were targeted at the railway station in Kramatorsk. As a result of the use of cluster weapons, 57 people who wanted to evacuate to Western Ukraine by trains were killed there.

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