The war in Ukraine.  Russia stores missile systems at Belarus airport

Thanks for our photos from outer space The team was able to provide an updated and complete overview of all equipment and facilitieswhich is currently located in ZiaprosBloggers wrote.

According to them, he’s at the airport 10-14 missile systems Triumph S-400, Three radar stations Caste 2E2, 48Ja6 Podlot and Two Pancir . missile systems. It is also there ammo rack shot For S-300/400 systems.

Bloggers write that Il-76 aircraft of the Russian armed forces are equipped with missiles To the S-400 systems at the Gomel airport, and from there they are transferred to Zyabruka.

Photo analysis indicates that “Preparations are underway for a large-scale missile attack on Ukrainian territory in the coming weeks.”. The last time such an attack was carried out from Belarus was on July 28.

Last Thursday Biełaruski Hajun Report a series of explosions at Ziabruca Airport. The Belarusian Ministry of Defense denied the information about the explosions, adding that the engine of one of the machines there caught fire.

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