The sun may be smaller than we thought.  A shocking discovery for astrophysicists!

The Sun is a relatively well-known star because it is close to us. However, it turns out to be the central object of our system It may be smaller than previously thought. This statement was made by astrophysicists Masao Takata from the University of Tokyo and Douglas Goff from the University of Cambridge.

New research by astrophysicists has focused on sound waves generated and trapped in the hot plasma inside the Sun. These modes are called ‘pressure’ or ‘p-modes’, and scientists say this could provide a ‘more solid’ image of the interior of our star. Analyzes conducted by scientists showed this The object’s radius is slightly smaller compared to previous knowledge. how much?

Variations range Only hundreds of percent.That is: it is very small. The discovery is currently being evaluated, and the changes in measurement methodology proposed by the two astrophysicists could have a subsequent impact on the study of the Sun, but also other stars.

It is worth noting that the Sun is currently very close to reaching the maximum of its own cycle, which lasts about 11 years. This means more activity in the form of sunspots, which may be a source of material being ejected into space. Its contact with the Earth leads to the formation of the aurora borealis, but it may also lead to negative phenomena. For example, in the form of geomagnetic storms that can cause damage to power lines.

It is worth noting that the Sun has been closely studied for several years using two very advanced space probes. here they are Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter. The first of these is the fastest similar devices ever created by humanity. During the final phase of the mission, its speed will reach approximately 700 thousand. how many hours.

Both probes have specialized instruments that have so far provided us with a lot of valuable information about our star. Among other things, we were able to: explore the solar wind in more detail and much more.

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