He was Lucifer, and he will become God.  Tom Ellis in the cartoon “Exploding Kittens” [WIDEO]
Anyone who has had the opportunity to live with two cats knows that one of them usually plays the role of a gentle angel, and the other is the devil incarnate. This dichotomy has been maintained in the adult animation “Exploding Kittens”, and the exact release date is not yet known, but the Netflix announcement makes it clear that the series will arrive on the platform next year.

Tom Ellis as God in the cartoon “Exploding Kittens.” Watch the trailer

“Exploding Kittens” is a story based on the eternal rivalry between good and evil. This conflict reaches its climax when God (played by Tom Ellis, known from “Lucifer”) and Satan are sent to Earth – in the bodies of fat house cats. Watch the first clip:

The scenario of “Exploding Kittens” is inspired by the popular card game of the same title. Netflix is ​​also preparing a mobile version. Apart from Tom Ellis, in the original version of the series we will hear, among others: Lucy Liu, Ally Mackey, Mark Proksch, David Gborie, Sasheer Zamata and Abraham Lim.

Not just Lucifer. The most important roles of Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis is most famous for his role as Lucifer Morningstar in the TV series Lucifer, and has also played Miranda, Rush, Vera Drake, and What a Romantic! We heard his voice in the cartoons “Head of the Family,” “Robot Chicken,” and “The High North.” Among the upcoming productions with his participation, in addition to the cartoon “Exploding Kittens,” in which he played the role of a god trapped in the body of a cat, there is also the series.” The Second Wife,” “Washington Black,” and the romantic comedy “The Players.”

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