Andrew Garfield comments on rumors about returning to the role of Spider-Man
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January 5 2022, 13:40

Andrew Garfield has commented on recent popular speculation about being involved in an upcoming production with Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield hasn’t built a good reputation for being true to his comments about rumours. Even before the first show Spider-Man: There is no room for home, the actor denied speculation about participation in this project, making it clear that his words should be treated with a little reservation.

Really from what?? time lovers The Amazing Spider-Man They demanded the actor to return to this role. Demands and speculation about a separate movie with Garfield have increased recently in connection with the premiere Spider-Man: There is no room for homeAnd the increasing popularity of the topic attracted the attention of the actor.

while broadcasting happy sad confusedAnd Andrew Garfield struggled to deny that he knew anything about his involvement in the next Spider-Man production:

This is all incredibly fun for me. Having a Twitter account I can see how popular Spider-Man is. Some people get really crazy about it, and then I think, “Guys, I really recommend you calm down a little bit about this.” I can’t speak for anyone but myself, maybe someone?? I’m working on it, but no one told me that. […] If something happened?? Happened, they would have told me.

Then the actor compared denying this kind of rumor to games like mafia or werewolvesAnd in which everyone doubts what?? You are hiding no matter what you say.

Indeed, doubts about Garfield’s credibility appear to be well-founded, and the interview itself provides scope for further speculation. Maybe instead of a separate production of Spider-Man, we’ll see him in Part 3 Vinoma, Error ?? On the 1st of next April Morbiuse.

Below you can see the part of the interview discussed and draw your own conclusions.

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