Russia.  British Defense Minister: Putin discovers that Russia is no longer a great power

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, in an interview with the Evening Standard, said that Vladimir Putin is discovering that Russia is no longer a great power. As he added, the Russian president – watching the rallies and counting the tanks – believed in his propaganda of the indomitable leader, but this is not the case.

People (in the world) don’t appreciate their rights at every turn Ukraine and exaggerated Russia. (Putin – ed.), however, has millions of people in his back pocket, and he can throw them into a meat grinder – without any rules or respect for human life and innocent civilians. If successful, it will send a message to the world that this is how wars are won. Ben Wallace, a former British Army officer, declared that we as an international community cannot accept this.

In Wallace’s opinion, Russia could be defeated at the hands of its smaller neighbour. – I don’t know how this conflict will end. But the great powers were losing wars: the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, United State in Vietnam. He stressed that it is not uncommon for great powers to come to terms with defeat in a neighboring country or another country in which they have intervened.

Russian President Vladimir PutinPAP / EPA / GAVRIIL GRIGOROV / SPUTNIK

When asked if he thought the superpower would lose again, Wallace replied that Russia “is not a superpower and that’s something (Putin) is just discovering.” As he added, the President of Russia – who has been watching the rallies and counting the tanks – thinks he is invincible, but he is not.

“Putin’s strategic assumptions seem completely wrong”

The minister expressed the view that Russian forces were failing in Ukraine due to limited “military capabilities” and “flawed strategic assumptions of the leadership (in the Kremlin).”

Putin’s strategic assumptions seem completely wrong. As of Monday, all-out missiles were fired at indiscriminate civilian targets when they should have been fired at military targets. It is not (…) a wise use of limited resources. (…) However (Putin – ed.) puts everything on one card, noted Wallace.

The politician compared the training methods of soldiers from Ukraine and Russia, emphasizing the huge cultural differences in the leadership approaches of both countries.

Destruction of Russian military equipmentPAP / EPA / ATEF SAFADI

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian servicemen receive five-week training in Great Britain. (…]If you compare it with what the Russians are doing… the massed units captured after about a few days. Poorly rusted equipment (weapons) from warehouses and training, if at all. (…]I have no doubt that the average soldier The Ukrainian is better than the Russian soldier – said the head of the Ministry of Defense.

In Wallace’s opinion, the leadership of the aggressor country was “totally unprofessional, as a result of which thousands of Russian soldiers were killed.” – If this army had any decency, these generals would be tried and imprisoned for what they had done to their men – admitted one of the interlocutors in the British daily.

Main image source: PAP / EPA / ATEF SAFADI

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