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The meeting of Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin took place on Friday during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit (there also commented for the first time Ukrainian counterattack). It was then Prime Minister India told the Russian leader that it was time to move “on the path of peace”. He also noted the importance of “democracy, diplomacy and dialogue,” which tempered his enthusiasm, noting that “now is not the time for war” – as he put it. BBC. – In the coming days, we will certainly have an opportunity to discuss how we can walk the path of peace. I will also have the opportunity to understand the Russian point of view – Modi added.

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Colonel Dr. Kukayevich: It is not the economy, but what happens on the battlefield that will influence Putin’s decisions

Putin’s failed summit

put it in – As reported by “Deutsche Welle” – he replied to the Indian leader that he also wants to end the conflict in Ukraine (so he called the war that was going on there, which was caused by Russia) “as soon as possible.” He said he understood that India had “concerns” about this.

– I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine, your concerns … We will do our best to end it as soon as possible – he said put it in during bilateral talks. In an interview with Modi, Putin was also alleged to have said that it was Kyiv – not Moscow – that insisted on fighting.

There were more meetings that went against Putin’s plan – during the summit, he also had bilateral talks with Turkish President Erdogan, with the presidents. AzerbaijanKyrgyzstan and China. Both Erdogan and The president of Kyrgyzstan made him wait for him – Although until now it was known that Putin was late for meetings with leaders. The National correspondent Joyce Karam concluded, “The fifty seconds during which Erdogan made Putin wait for himself says a lot about the extent of change after the events in Ukraine.”

During a meeting with the Chinese president, Putin thanked him for China’s “balanced position” on the war in Ukraine and made it clear that he understood China’s “questions and concerns” about the nature of the conflict. Xi stressed that China “will work with Russia to expand mutual support on issues of common concern.”

Dr. Anisska Brik, a researcher on Russian politics, summed up Putin’s “transformation”:

Russia attacks, Ukraine continues its counterattack. More war crimes appear

According to the British Ministry of Defense, Ukraine continues its offensive in the northeast of the country. Russian forces established a defensive line between the Uskech River and the city of Swato.

According to the British, Russia wants to maintain its control over this area – an important supply route connecting eastern Ukraine with the Russian Belgorod region. The region borders Russia-occupied Luhansk Oblast, the loss of which would undermine Russia’s strategy.

British analysts wrote that it was unclear whether Russian forces in the region had sufficient reserves and morale to withstand another Ukrainian attack.

More Russian crimes are revealed, and their representatives ranking The Czech Republic has called for the establishment of an international homicide tribunal in the city of Izyum in the Kharkiv region. To date, more than a dozen Russian torture chambers have been found there in the liberated lands. In the forest near Izyum, the remains of the victims of the invaders, who were buried in mass graves, are exhumed. Ukrainian services estimate that about 450 bodies were buried in one place.

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