The tragic death of a Polish athlete.  The cause caused panic in the environment

Polish bodybuilder Paul Polochek passed away. The tragedy occurred a few hours after the competition in which he participated. On the day of his death, the player was only 37 years old.

1. Paul Polochek died

The international bodybuilding community plunged into mourning. On Saturday, May 28, Paul Polochek, a bodybuilder of Polish origin, died at the age of 37, permanently living in Germany. When he left, he left a grieving wife and a young daughter. The sad news about him Athlete’s death His life partner Catherine Deneuve gave it to him via social media, who said goodbye to him via an influential post.

BodyBuilding It was your whole life. We will never forget you and you will live on in our hearts. We will always love you ”- we read on Instagram.

2. The bodybuilder died a few hours after the competition

According to the Daily Mail portal, Paul Poloczek died a few hours after the NPC World Championships in which he participated. According to the information available to the German newspaper “Bild”, he appears to be an athlete Died of a heart attack. Alleged reason The death of a bodybuilder It caused panic in the bodybuilding community.

3. Who is Paul Polochek?

Paul Polochek was born in 1985 and came from Poland. When he was four years old, he left for Germany. Before seriously engaging in bodybuilding, he trained in football. At the age of 17, he managed to win the junior championship title. In 2012, he stood on the podium, taking second place in the German championship in the super heavyweight category.

His greatest sporting success was the first place in the Arnold Classic competition in the amateur category. The event was organized by the legendary actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Paul Polochek was 32 years old. Thanks to this victory, Paul Polochek became a professional bodybuilder.

Recently, an athlete has focused more on running the gym than participating in bodybuilding competitions.

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