Halle Berry is crazy about Drake

Halle Berry took aim at Drake at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards after she used an image of him pouring a bucket of green goo on her for the cover of her latest single.

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After release Slim you out, Friday (September 15, 2023) Drake’s new single duet with SZA, actressIn the shadow of hate In a series of comments on Instagram, the rapper revealed that he “didn’t” approve of the image being used as the song’s cover art.

“He didn’t get my permission,” she wrote when a fan asked for her opinion on the cover. It wasn’t good, I thought he was good! »

When a fan asked why she was so “angry” because the photo belonged to Getty Images, the actress explained that the Canadian rapper first asked her for permission and she refused. “Because he asked me and I said no, that’s why,” she responded in her comments on Instagram. Why ask if you want to do what you love! It looked like a middle finger to me. Not cool, you know? »

In response to another user, he added: “He asked his team to call my team and I said no. I don’t like the look of goo on my face with his song. He chose to do it anyway! You see… lack of respect. Not cool! »

Drake’s new album To all dogs, It is slated to release on October 6.

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