ADISQ Gala: Ginette Reno makes a slip and the internet goes wild

We love teasing and love Ginette Reno.

The grande dame of Quebec song received the honor of presenting the song of the year category at the age of 44e ADISQ Gala. In her opening speech, the interpreter underlined the joy she must have had in front of a full house.

However, things turned funny when he announced Felix’s winner. The singer had difficulty understanding what was written on the paper.

“The public and the Academy have chosen… Capital “Funky” and Jay Scott”, announced after a long hesitation.

Of course you got it: Song of the Year co-pilot, By FouKi and J Scott.

Netizens were blown away in the minutes following Jeanette Reno’s intervention.

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Here are some reactions that will make you laugh.

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