The United States and Iran exchange prisoners.  An unprecedented deal

Negotiations for the release of prisoners This has been going on between the United States and Iran for months. They were mediated by the Qatari authorities. Finally, on Monday, the two parties reached an agreement.

Prisoner exchange between the United States and Iran

Under the agreement, Iran released five Americans: dual citizenship businessmen Siamak Namazi and Imad Sharqi, and 67-year-old environmentalist Murad Tahbaz, who also holds British citizenship. The names of the other two people were not revealed.

On Monday morning, the prisoners, accompanied by their loved ones, left Tehran Airport, and then, at 4 p.m. Polish time, they landed in the capital of Qatar. The Americans will soon return to their homeland.

– I must admit that it was mine and theirs Emotional conversation – The US Secretary of State admitted in an interview with the media Anthony BlinkenWho met the group in Qatar.

The Americans landed at Doha Airport/Karim Jaafar /France Press agency

In return, the United States released five Iranian citizens. Iranian Press TV reported by 18 Polish time that two prisoners were on their way to Tehran. Two others are expected to remain in the United States in turn The last of the imprisoned men will go to his family in a third country.

Republicans criticize: ransom of prisoners

As agreed The United States pledged to release $6 billionWhich was banned after sanctions were imposed on Iran in 2018. It will be at Tehran’s disposal on Monday, but its issuance will be supervised by the Qatari authorities. The Iranian regime can only use it for humanitarian goods, not items subject to US sanctions.

Reuters notes that the transfer of Iranian funds as part of the deal sparked criticism from American Republicans who say… President Joe Biden In fact, he pays ransom to American citizens.

There was a boiling point between Washington and TehranSince Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear deal with world powers while he was president in 2018, reaching another nuclear deal has received little attention. Joe Biden is gearing up for the 2024 election.“- reported the news agency.

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