Simon Levitt, "Tinder Scammer", gave his first interview after the documentary about him

Also known as Shimon Houth, for the first time, he has responded to the main character Netflix documentary.

In the movie Tinder SwindlerNetflix subscribers can learn about the scam that Simon Levitt used to steal millions of dollars from the women he fell in love with.

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Posing as the son of an Israeli billionaire on the dating app Tinder, Leviv gave undoubted shooters a dream life.

Once their relationship was well established, Lviv convinced the victims that his “enemies” were threatening him and that he needed to borrow urgently, and of course he promised to repay soon.

This is how he was able to extort astronomical sums from women all over Europe.

Never authorizing the production of this documentary about him, Lviv / Hayuth announced that he would “share his version of the facts in a few days” and asked viewers to “keep their minds and hearts” on the film. Open.

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In an interview Inside versionThe “Tinder cheater” denied all allegations against him and called the film “pure fantasy”.

“I was an individual who wanted to meet women at Tinder. I’m not a Tinder cheater,” Leviv defended.

“They present the film as a documentary, but in reality it’s purely imaginary. I’m the tallest Who has virtues In the world they call me a “Tinder scammer”. I’m not a fraud, I’m not a cheater, ”said the man, who has amassed more than $ 10 million in total from victims.

He was convicted of fraud in Finland in the mid-2010s and served time in prison before resuming his game.

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He was re-arrested in Greece in December 2019 and charged with fraud, theft and forgery, and was convicted and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

His good behavior and COVID-19 infection eventually put him behind bars for five months.

He returned to Tinder following his imprisonment, but his use was banned following the airing of a documentary about him.

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