Nicole Kidman is muscular and unrecognizable on the cover of a magazine

Nicole Kidman is a real chameleon and proved it once again on the cover of the magazine Correct.

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We see the 55-year-old actress rocking red hair In “Him” style And Diesel wears a mini skirt and a colorful top. His ensemble evoked reactions in the eye, above all his impressive muscular web.

In fact, the Oscar-winning actress strikes a powerful pose, revealing her knife-sliced ​​arms. We don’t know if his impressive musculature was a result of intense training for a role, or if his red hair was a wig, but the effect is simply wow!

This is not the first time that Nicole Kidman has created a sensation for her appearance on the cover of a magazine. Earlier this year, she caused a stir by posing in a mini skirt and grabbing a Miu Miu top. Despite a lot of criticism at first, with many deeming the talented actress unnecessarily sexualised, Nicole insisted on wearing this particular ensemble.

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Without a doubt, Nicole Kidman proves that age is just a number and shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to choosing what to wear. We applaud his bravery!

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