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Gwyneth Paltrow has never seen “Avengers: Endgame.”


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Gwyneth Paltrow played Pepper Potts, the secretary and love interest of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in seven Marvel Cinematic Universe films. It first appeared in “Iron Man” It’s from 2008, and the last time we saw her character was in the movie “Avengers: Endgame” (2019).

During a visit to the Red Sea Film Festival held in Saudi Arabia, the actress recalled her work in the first “Iron Man” film.

“They said I would feel like I was making an indie film. That we would have a lot of fun and that I wouldn’t have to do a lot of fight scenes. So I thought yes. And that’s how it was. Almost every scene in the movie was the result of us improvising every morning in John’s trailer.” [Favreau – reżyser – przyp .red.] We wrote the lines and really felt like we were making independent cinema. Then the movie became a huge hit and we didn’t make the sequels that way. Honestly, at some point I stopped watching them. I’ve never seen that ‘Avengers; Game Over’ Nor the rest. “I couldn’t follow through, but maybe I should have,” Paltrow said.

The “Shakespeare in Love” star decided to abandon her acting career almost completely a few years ago.

Since 2008, he has been mainly involved in managing his own brand Goop, which over time has become a true lifestyle empire. Although some of the products she offers – such as candles with the scent of her vagina or “luxury diapers” for $120 – raise controversy, and the advice promoted by the star is considered, according to experts, a “health hazard,” Paltrow cannot complain about the lack of customers.

Paltrow has not appeared on the small or big screen since her appearance in Payton Hobart’s Election, the second season of which was shown in 2020. Although the Oscar winner recently confirmed in an interview with the press that she does not plan to return to her former profession, there is someone No one can convince her of that.

“Right now, it would be very difficult for me to take on any acting project because of running a company. But Robert Downey Jr. will probably always be able to convince me of that,” the star revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “

But it is certain that Downey Jr. will not return to the role of Iron Man.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently confirmed that his appearance in Avengers: Endgame was the perfect moment to bid farewell to the hero. “We have all worked hard over many years to achieve this and would never want to magically turn it around [ten wysiłek]- said Viji.

Robert Downey Jr. has appeared in nine Marvel films. Kevin Feige emphasized that he was not only a great actor as Iron Man, but also an inspiration to young actors.

“We all laughed about Robert being the head of the acting department because everyone looked up to him. He took them all under his wing, but not in the sense of subjugating them. He became their cheerleader,” Feige said.

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