Julia Winyawa and Nicodim Rosbecky are on their way again.  This time they went to Disneyland.  you can be jealous

Julia Winyawa I Nicodim Rosbecki Continue their wild journey across Europe. after Holland They came to FranceWhere they had the opportunity to visit the Louvre, they shared their Instagram account. The couple decided to say goodbye to Paris for the weekend.

Julia Winyawa and Nicodim Rosbecky at Disneyland

In InstaStories, the actress revealed their next goal from their journey. It turns out that Disneyland is located in the city of Marne-la-Vallee, near Paris. Julia began her account of the trip to the land of fairy tales in the car with Nikodim Rosbecky behind the wheel.

Julia Winyawa goes to Disneyland instagram.com @juliawieniawa

They were definitely in a good mood. In some videos, you can hear them sing a famous song from the fairy tale “Toy Story”. It is, of course, about “you have a friend in me”. The sounds of the Polish version of the piece performed by Stanisław Soica can be heard from the car’s operator.

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There were also frames from the cowboy village of Disneyland, which was visited by Wieniawa and Rozbicki.

Julia Winyawa and Nicodim Rosbecky at DisneylandJulia Winyawa and Nicodim Rosbecky at Disneyland instagram.com nikodamn

They stopped elsewhere.

Today we spend the night at Chudy’s – the actress has signed her photo with a photo of the characters from “Toy Story”.

As it turns out that Julia Winyawa By chance she chose a style that refers to this fairy tale. In one of the videos, she jumped happily (performing spinal cord throwing motions) in white dress With black spots. He had the same pattern on Jacket Only one of the main characters of “Toy Story”, Chudy, is visible in the previous frame. Cowgirl Jesse, on the other hand, who joined the crew of the cartoon in later parts, wore such pants.

The design was really accidental – Wieniawa wrote, amused.

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Many people would probably like to be where they are now. I dreamed of a trip to this popular trip garden entertainment?

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