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On March 12, the former cleric posted a video titled “Who Goes to Hell, Who Goes to Heaven?” on YouTube. Yuan Kormoyarov criticized the Russian army. He also stressed that the brutal attack on Ukraine goes against the commandments of God and Christian morals.

Ukraine did not attack Russia. Those who unleashed this aggression will not go to heaven, the former priest assessed.

A former cleric criticized Russian soldiers. “You will go to Hell”

Kormorov addressed the Russian soldiers directly. He indicated that they were the aggressors.

You are killing defenseless civilians. Assure that you will not go to heaven, but to hell.

Now the former clergyman has been arrested for this. Russian services confiscated a smartphone, laptop, hard drive, packaging, and two of Kormoyarov’s wooden tokens. The man was charged with “spreading false information” about a “special military operation” as the Kremlin calls the war in Ukraine. According to the new regulations, the crime in Russia is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Previously worked in Ukraine. There he also came into conflict with the authorities

Yuan Kormoyarov was transferred to the secular state in 2020 for criticizing Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Then he opposed the construction of the military temple.

In 2018, the clergyman served in the city of Vinnytsia, Ukraine. There he also came into conflict with the authorities. He was wearing an orange and black St. Jersey, which was seen as “openly denoting a symbol of Russian aggression against Ukraine”. Then the priest decided to return to Russia.

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