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Every Monday, a personality shares their favorite shows. This week, we talked to Guy Jodoin between the two shootingsWarnings, Which will return in the fall. This spring, except for playing Melancholitis ICI Tou.tv and Team 99 In TVA, actor and pilot animator Beautiful tripBroadcasting will resume on TVA on Monday, June 6 at 8pm.

Released at 9:00 p.m.

Mark-Andre Lemieux

Mark-Andre Lemieux

Live from the universe

Photo by Radio-Canada

France Pyotin, editorLive from the universe

“I don’t listen to a lot of shows regularly. But when I like Live from the universe, I settle down, everything stops. I find it magical. Concept Excellent, hosted by Fran பois Puerto Rican from Quebec. She is captivating. I’m lucky; I was called twice. Because I was so sensitive, I cried twice. First, my parents sang We will love again With Vincent Valiers. I split 10. The second time, my kids picked up Emily Piloto’s song, and the same thing happened: I broke it into 1000 pieces. ⁇

Here on TV. This season is over.

There are mass people

Photo by Catherine Lefebvre, special collaboration

Christian Begin, Editor There are mass people

“I’m very human. I really liked it Second chance With Marina Orsini and Monique Neron. And I like it so much There are mass people. Christian Begin is my friend. I think he does a great job. As soon as the show started, I called him immediately to tell him I thought I belonged. He hosts the show specially. It brings out its color. And I like the format. It is a good idea to bring everyone together with a gospel choir in a church. When singing the names of the guests, it’s so beautiful! And I’m always learning new things. Artists express themselves in a new way. ⁇

There are mass people Will be back in Télé-Québec on Friday, June 24th.

This year

Photo Tele-Quebec

Group of This year : Simon Bowleris, Mark LaBrace, Emily Perrolt and Fred Schwartz

“I like the whole mob: Simon Bowleris, Emily Perrault and Fred Schwartt. I like the idea of ​​the show. It’s a great way to discover a year. But I really like Mark Laprech’s madness. I love his crazy side. He’s a master. Every time he does something When it comes out, everyone is interested.I got it twice Sweet salt. I changed it ChopSuey With Mary-Soyle Ducas. I came to replace him at the theater Girls School By Moliere. The only time we worked together Small lifeFor the so-called Christmas special Christmas story. But it was not a great success. We would love to work together again. ⁇

In Tele-Quebec. This season is over.

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