November 29, 2022


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The war in Ukraine.  Musician Yuri Shevchuk criticized the Russian invasion

The war in Ukraine. Musician Yuri Shevchuk criticized the Russian invasion

According to the court The police did not mention in the report exactly what the crime wasWhich, according to the officers, was committed by the musician. The Russian editorial office of Radio Soboda informed the court’s decision on Monday.

Yuri Shevchuk, leader of the legendary DDT groupwho has not shied away from criticizing the authorities in the Kremlin in the past, hinted The war in Ukraine During the ceremony on May 18. – Now people are being killed in Ukraine. Why do our children die there? What is the goal, my friends? Young people of Russia and Ukraine are dying again. Old men, women and children die – In the name of some Napoleon’s plans for our next Caesar, right? The musician was saying. “Friends, the motherland is not the boss’s donkey, which must be licked and kissed all the time. Motherland – this is a poor grandmother who sells potatoes at the train station. This is the motherland!” – added.

A recording of this speech was posted on the Internet, and especially immediately the second part of it spread widely. Shevchuk’s speech came at a time when the use of the word “war” to describe the invasion of Ukraine is prohibited and punished in Russia..

The police immediately responded to the artist’s speechwho appeared behind the scenes after the concert. Officers in special forces uniforms blocked the closet door and inside The cops spoke for an hour with Szewczuk about “the concert and its tunes”. – Producer Radmir Usayev reported. At first the police tried to stop ShevchukBut in the end they gave up and just told him that Signing a protocol on an administrative offence.

The musician himself said after the accident that He also used a loud comparison about his homeland before. The DDT leader has been expressing his views openly for many years; He participated in opposition demonstrations and condemned the 2008 war with Georgia. Even in Soviet times, he performed with his troupe in whole halls, and because of his critical texts he had problems with the KGB.

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