Charlotte Gainsburg, Cecil de France, Jean Polyber ... Gokoriko in Lido!

France caught the attention at the Venice Film Festival this Sunday.

The Venice Film Festival rolled out the red carpet at French cinema this Sunday. Charlotte Gainsburg, currently presiding over the Deauville Festival Arbitration, has retired from the Venetians and left Normandy to present Mexican filmmaker Michael Franco’s “Suntown” in which Tim Roth, who is also on the red carpet, plays a rich man to get away from her settled life during the holidays.

In Lido, Venice, Charlotte Gainsburg was able to meet with Cecil de France, who came to her part to defend her “lost illusions” with her director, French filmmaker Xavier Giannoli, actress Jean-Paul Barr and her lead actor Benjamin Neiber. In this adaptation of the Balzac novel, the young poet Lucian, unknown in 19th century France, seeks to create a destiny. He left his home province and tried to test his luck in Paris, in the hands of his guardian. He will love, suffer, but escape from his delusions …

Parade of stars in Lido

The stars have been on the red carpet at the 78th Venice International Film Festival since it began on Wednesday, September 1st. Gentaya and Timothy Salamet join the much-anticipated “Tune” screening, Denise Villanueva. Friday, Kristen Stewart delivered “Spencer” there, Pablo Lauren, in which she plays Princess Diana. Saturday, Jessica Sostine and Penelope Cruz competed with each other elegantly. Just before, Sunday Lido was loaded by Kate Hudson.

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