The air purifier headphones look like a Mortal Kombat prop
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March 30, 2022, 20:54

The company, known primarily for the production of cordless vacuum cleaners, presented headphones with the function of air purification. Is there a way to succeed in this madness?

The Dyson Zone is Dyson’s first headphones. I must admit that the creators of this device went crazy and developed something very unusual. Otherwise how do we call the tool it In addition to listening to music, it will also provide an opportunity to purify the air around us?

These are probably the first headphones in the world to feature this feature. The purifier installed in it is equipped with a potassium-rich carbon filter. The Dyson area draws in air using small compressors through which the air is filtered. The manufacturer has also prepared three levels of cleaning intensity, between which you can freely switch.

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For people who do not like the design of the purifier, the good news is that the manufacturer took care of the possibility of removing this unit. The helmet itself does not stick to the face, thanks to which the problem of ordinary masks is eliminated.

The promotional images of the manufacturer show that the device has a rather futuristic appearance. Users familiar with PC games may notice some similarities with fighting games in the series human kombat.

As for the specifications of the headphones themselves, the manufacturer will provide connectivity using Bluetooth technology. Noise cancellation is ensured by a combination of passive reduction, overall design, and active noise reduction using a series of microphones.

Dyson District – Operation Methods

The device has the following operating modes:

  • full mute – blocks out all ambient noise,
  • transparent mode – external sounds are audible,
  • Speaking Mode – In addition to increasing the hearing of the human voice.

Headphones can be paired with a special app Dyson linkWhere you can check the air quality, among other things. Unfortunately, it is not known at the moment when the product will go on sale. on the page Producer You can sign up for our newsletter that will inform us of Dyson area availability.

Headphones with air purifier look like a Mortal Kombat prop - Illustration #1

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