“It would be crazy not to take this opportunity,” developer Ubisoft says of the new Rayman game.

Many platform game fans are looking forward to a new game in the Rayman series. It turns out that The creative director of Ubisoft games would be interested in creating a new version Mario + Rabbids, David Soliani.

The developer who was responsible for producing the warmly received Kingdom Battle and Sparks of Hope admitted in an interview for the site Nintendo everythingwhich “it will be from It would be crazy not to take the opportunity to create a new part Remana“- Of course if he is presented with such a proposal.

He also added that from his point of view, working on a game from this series is the absolute “peak of potential” for the developer – which is due to the creative freedom that the fantasy world offers.

Interestingly, Solyani actually had the opportunity to create a project under the brand Rayman. However, it was a smaller production from 2000, and was intended for the Game Boy Color handheld console.

This is a type of game that does not have realistic elements. Since there is no realism, everything you create in the game comes from your imagination and the imagination of your team. thus [wszystko – przyp. red.]From the chair, to the table, to the enemy, to the surroundings, it is an art form, it is creating something from scratch. For me as a developer, this is the pinnacle of all possibilities.

Taking into account that the recent expansion of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope It puts Rayman at the center of the action, and a scenario in which Soliani fulfills his dream and creates an entire production around the yellow creature with his team seems relatively likely.

Let me remind you that it is the last main game in the series Rayman He was great The critically acclaimed legends of 2013.

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