Windows 10 22H2 is now available via Windows Update for anyone interested. Microsoft has changed the release description in the documentation, indicating that all known Windows 10 22H2 bugs have been resolved and can be installed on any PC that meets the requirements.

Windows 10 22H2 is the latest version dozensthat stood from the start under the anointed hype Windows 11 update along with subsequent “Moments” packs. Microsoft says that the latest Windows 10 install will be fast for all versions from 20H2 onwards In practice, the new version will install as smoothly as monthly patches.

Although the release of 22H2 does not bring many amazing changes to Windows 10, there is no doubt about it This is a multiuser update. Windows 11 is not easily available to everyone due to the relatively high requirements (TPM 2.0 is still topical), and thus Windows 10 is still dominant in most computers in the market. Update 22H2 for dozens We wrote in a separate post.

Users interested in Windows 11 can check if their PC is suitable for updating in Windows Update itself, but also with a snap-in. Computer health check. It is a simple application that analyzes the components in the computer and gives the user clear information – whether and if not why Windows 11 will not install. You can read more at Our guide.

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